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unit 9 and 10 vocabulary

renaissance:was a cultural change of the 15 and 16 centuries.

humanishm:was a cultural and intellectual movement.

erasmush de roterdam:was a one of the greatest humanist.

thomas more:" " "

juan luis vives: " "

johanes gutemberg: he inveted the prenting press

prentin press: it was good for the renaissance becouse with it they could do a lot of books.

nicolas copernics:he studied the and say the heliocentric movement.

heliocentric:this explain the universe movement.

ptlomeat:was the "" what said the church.

geocentric:" they said what the earth was the centre of the universe.

quatroccentto:it was florished in florence in the 15 century.

quinquecento:it was florished in rome in the 16 century, when it apeared the renassaince spread in europe.

proportions:they built with the humans proportions.

leon batista alberti:was one of the best arquitect of the quatroccento.

bramante:was one of the best arquitect of the quinquecento he start the san peters cathedral.

michelangelo:" " he did the dome of the "

maderno: " " he finished the " ".

massacio :was a good painter of the quatroccento and he was a pioner in the perspective.

perspective:it was the use of the colour and the sensation of deph and background.

leonardo:was a universe humanist.

titian:was a good painter of the quinqueccento he use lightly colours.

alberch durer:he was an arquitect who invented a new spanish stile

herrerian style:was a spanish style what was used a lot,.

plateresque style:was characterided becouse it had delicate ornamentation.

greco:was a spanish paintor with religious paintings.

martin luther:the creator of the protestanism.

protestants:was the religion vs the catholicism.

calvinism:was other religion founded for juan calvin.ç

predestination:the calvin doctrine is besed in it.

henry 8:he was the english king what made the royal the most power.

anglincan church:henry 8 made it is similar the the catholic.

council of trent:it was do for stop the protestant movement.

society of jesus:founded by saint ignacius of loyola it was do to stop the protestant movement.

inquisition:it persecuted the protestants.

charles 1:was a german king it was the holy roman emperor.

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